11.00 - Janet Brooks - Do Ghosts Exist?  And Why?


12:00 - Betty Clark - Tools for Ascension - Betty has spent countless hours developing the gifts Spirit has assured her are the birthright of every human being.  Following Spirit's guidance, emotional and physical issues were healed; lower energies and wounds were forgiven/transmuted through simple yet profoundly powerful processes recommended by her mentor and guides.  It is with utmost gratitude that Betty shares this information with you.

1.00 - Dr. Nadine - How to Help Your Fur Baby When You Are Gone - (Vacation, the Vet, etc.) - Come learn easy tools, for immediate use that you can use when you go to the vet, go on vacation, and have to leave your baby's at a care facility or home.

2:00 - Rosemary The Celtic Lady - Life after Death - Rosemary The Celtic Lady is the founder of the American, Canadian, and UK Associations of Psychics and Healers.  She shares what happens to a loved one after they transition.  Do they immediately go to the light?  Do they get stuck in between the worlds?  What role do we as the living play in this?  How can we help our loved ones with their full transition?  What happens once they are fully in the light?  What is the process of this?  Rosemary has helped many thousands of clients heal from the passing of their loved ones.  Are you ready to heal?  Do you want to know more about what happens after your loved one transitions over?

3:00 - Jodie Smith - Crystals and Astrology - 

4:00 - Laura Johnson - What is MFR?  Myofascial Release - Come learn the description and benefits of MFR - How is it different from massage?  Want to be a willing participant for a short demo?  For more info, talk with Laura in Booth B7.

5:00 - Michelle Adams - Emotional Compass - Heart Health is very important in the way we act.  It is your heart that brings what we desire into our world.

SpeaKers & lecture Times

307-315-3610 - 123 W. FIRST ST.  SUITE 175A, CASPER, WYOMING 82601 USA

Sunday - March 31st


11.00 -  Natasha Robertson - Psychic Development and A Day in the Life of a Psychic - 

12.00 - Joseph Evens - Changing the World from Within - Stop the hate and shine the Light!  Come absorb the inspiration and love so you can begin to make the world a better place.

1:00 - Hope Abeyta - Culture, Traditions and Background of the Shoshone Tribe -  Hope invites you to come share in learning about historical events, happenings of 2019, reenactments of treaties signed, Gift of the Waters, Fort Bridger Days and more!

2.00 - Sherri Martz - Past Lives - Come learn about past lives and how they may be affecting your life today.

3:00 - Kim Moore - Afternoon of Spirit Messages - Kim Moore will communicate with Spirits of loved ones in a group setting.

4:00 - Kim Sluis Markey - Medicine Wheel Reiki - Come learn about the Medicine Wheel and how it is used in healing.  Experience sitting under a Medicine Wheel blanket handcrafted by Kim.  It is amazing!