11.00 - 

12:00 -  Janet Brooks - Ghosts - Are They Real?  Why? - Ghosts come and go in our lives for various times and reasons.  We all need someone who can interpret why they are appearing or disappearing.  It brings clarity and a good night's sleep to have the reason why.

1.00 - Dr. Nadine - Incorporation of Raw Food into Your Fur Baby's Diet - We will discuss the raw meats to incorporate and how to expand the healing properties of adding raw meat to the diet.

2:00 - Kim Moore - Spirit Messages and Moore - Kim answers questions about the spirit world and performs a demonstration of mediumship for the audience.

3:00 - Sherri Martz - Past Life Karma - Learn how Past Life Karma can affect your life today and how to release it.

4:00 - Kim Sluis Markey - Medicine Wheel Reiki - 

5:00 - 

SpeaKers & lecture Times

307-315-3610 - 123 W. FIRST ST.  SUITE 175A, CASPER, WYOMING 82601 USA

Sunday - September 22nd


11.00 -

12.00 - Natasha Robertson - Finding Your Voice as an Empath - Natasha will give you some great tips, tricks, and pointers on how to find your voice, enhance your abilities, and live your most authentic life possible.

1:00 - Brian Besco - Light Anchoring 101 - Learn to create powerful columns of Light to transform EMF, dense energy, cell towers, water towers, and cemeteries.  Activation of the Sacred Heart and Quantum mind included.  Simple and effective.

2.00 - Lori Eichert - Past Lives 101 - ​Curious about Past Lives?  Join Lorie as she breaks them down for you, explains how getting a reading can be helpful to you in this life time!

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