SpeaKers & lecture Times

Sunday - September 22nd


11.00 - Janet Brooks - Ghosts or Life After Death - There is only one certainly in life... We are all going to die!  But what happens to people who get stuck in this dimension of time?

12:00 - Sherri Martz - Past Lives and Karmic Connections - How past lives are affecting you today and how to clear Karmic connections.

1.00 - Dr. Nadine - 

2:00 - Kim Moore - Group reading with Kim plus Q & A about the Spirit World - Psychic and Medium Kim Moor will present a few audience readings and answer questions about the Spirit World.  Come join the fun!

3:00 - Michelle Adams - Emotional Compass - Heart Health is very important in the way we act.  It is your heart that brings what we desire into our world.

4:00 - Kim Sluis Markey - Medicine Wheel Reiki - Come learn about the Medicine Wheel and how it is used in healing.  Experience sitting under a Medicine Wheel blanket handcrafted by Kim.  It is amazing!

5:00 - 

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11.00 - Isa Kirk - Celtic Moon Calendar - How to apply and benefit from Ancient Almanac Wisdom in our time - Nature operates in and provides us with its rhythms, which influence everything in our life, our bodies, minds, and spirits.  The practical application of the information in this calendar not only makes everyday chores and timing important events easier, but also helps to regulate

12.00 - Joseph Evens - Changing the World from Within - Stop the hate and shine the Light!  Come absorb the inspiration and love so you can begin to make the world a better place.

1:00 - Hope Abeyta - Culture, Traditions and Background of the Shoshone Tribe -  Hope invites you to come share in learning about historical events, happenings of 2019, reenactments of treaties signed, Gift of the Waters, Fort Bridger Days and more!

2.00 - Linda Nelson - Ascended masters Teaching Foundation - How to ascend in this lifetime.

3:00 - 

​4:00 -