11.00 - Natasha Robertson - A Day in the Life of a Medium - How do you know when you have the gift?  Well explore this and so much more as we discuss the work it took to see the woman before you.

12:00 - Dr. Nadine - Managing YOU in the Midst of Chaos or Drama -  Learn fast, easy Tools to manage YOU and Your Energy at home, work in a relationship.  Dr. Nadine provides an experiential hour you want to participate in.

1.00 - Elizabeth Chambers - Love Yourself -  Negative situations have you down?  Are you ready to step into your positive future?  Then come learn how to love yourself spiritually and emotionally.

2:00 - Joseph Evens - Riding the Wave Change with a Smile . Feeling and addressing the physical , spiritual , mental , emotional  and dimensional changes as we move into the 4th and5th dimensional.

3:00 - Rosemary McArthur - Rosemary The Celtic Lady - Rosemary The Celtic Lady™ Is Founder of the American, Canadian & UK Associations of Psychics & Healers. Which are now all a part of Global Psychics & Healers. She is a world renowned Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive, Minister, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Teacher and Author of 2 books. She is also an Ambassador for Peace for the UPF (Universal Peace federation) and was a guest at an International United Nations Conference in May of 2005, Cairo Egypt) 

Rosemary will be talking about "Learning How To Live From The Heart" In doing so how it can change your life, help you heal at the core of your being.

4:00 - Sherri Martz - Past Life Karma - Come learn what past life karma is and how it affects your life today.

5:00 - Reno Longmoons - Introduction to Medicine Wheel - 

SpeaKers & lecture Times

307-315-3610 - 123 W. FIRST ST.  SUITE 175A, CASPER, WYOMING 82601 USA

Sunday - April 8th


11.00 -  Hope Abeyta - Legends of the Shoshoni Tribe -  Come hear the stories and legends of the Shoshoni Tribe.  Hope is a direct descendant of Chief Washakie.

12.00 - Kim Moore - Spirit Messages and Moore Gallery Reading - Join Medium Kim Moore as she shares her unique, fun, and authentic connection with your loved ones who have crossed over.  This is a great event for anyone who would like to connect with their loved ones in spirit or for those who want to see a demonstration of mediumship.

1.00 - Kim Sluis Markey - Medicine Wheel Reiki - Come learn how Medicine Wheel Reiki can help you heal.  Learn about the Medicine Wheel and how it is an important part of helping you with your healing process.  Feel the energy as you personally sit under her Medicine Wheel Robe.

2.00 - Marilee NiEtain - Primal Pathworking - Original Earth/Primal Earth Mitosis and Alignment - Primal pathworking is an individualized journey toward (re) alignment with the original Earth/Primal Earth frequencies and re-member-ance of Self-mind, body, soul, and Spirit - along with the shedding of false programming laid down over the Ages. Come learn more about this unique approach and how you can enroll online for the learning portal and support groups.  Special enrollment discount will be provided for lecture attendees only.

3:00 - Dan Abernathy - The Essential Way - A Foundation for Peace -  The Essential way is seven fundamental components -  Calmness, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Love and Mindfulness can eradicate negativity and hate in the world, and as a whole would become free. Come and learn how.

4:00 -  David Munda -  How to Spiritually Cope with Technological Influences.