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12:00 - Dr. Nadine - Managing YOU in the Midst of Chaos or Drama -  Learn fast, easy Tools to manage YOU and Your Energy at home, work in a relationship.  Dr. Nadine provides an experiential hour you want to participate in.

1.00 - Elizabeth Chambers - Love Yourself -  Negative situations have you down?  Are you ready to step into your positive future?  Then come learn how to love yourself spiritually and emotionally.

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SpeaKers & lecture Times

307-315-3610 - 123 W. FIRST ST.  SUITE 175A, CASPER, WYOMING 82601 USA

Sunday - SeptEMBER 24th


11.00 -  Rosemary McArthur - Rosemary The Celtic Lady - Rosemary will be speaking about her connection to the Arturians. What they are trying to help us do to heal the planet.  Also, she will be speaking on self-healing.

12.00 - Althea Mitchell - Healing Inside Out:  How to Recover Yourself - Would you like to understand what is holding you back or perhaps keeping you from letting go?  Althea will be explaining and demonstrating how our trapped emotions keep us from moving the direction we want to go.

1.00 - Kim Sluis Markey - Medicine Wheel Reiki - Come learn how Medicine Wheel Reiki can help you heal.  Learn about the Medicine Wheel and how it is an important part of helping you with your healing process.  Feel the energy as you personally sit under her Medicine Wheel Robe.

2.00 - Joseph Evens - Using Spiritual Gifts and Challenges of the New Paradigm - Joseph Michael Evens, the Light House Keeper, will be sharing his experience and wisdom on the use of the spiritual gifts and the challenges of the new paradigm.  Joseph has over 40 years of paranormal experience.

3:00 - Harvey Annis - Spirituality and Herbs for Health - Come learn from Harvey's lifetime of experience in the natural healing field.

4:00 - Natasha Robinson  - A Day in the Life of a Medium