11.00 -  Cheryl Goltl - Iridology - The Eyes Have It -  Come learn the brief history of the development of iridology and the basics of how health is reflected in the iris of the eyes and how we can use this as a preventative health measure.

12:00 -  Marsha Magnuson - Modair

1.00 - Dr. Nadine - 3 Vibrations Every Animal Loves! - Come learn about the 3 vibrations your baby wants to experience.  Every animal Dr. Nadine has ever worked with loves these 3 vibrations.  Come learn and explore and play.  Learn how YOU can change their vibration in seconds.

2:00 - Jason Antalek - Stop Spinning and Reacting - Move to Divine Action - There are often cycles in our lives.  Spinning our wheels and reacting to external circumstances keeps us in the same lack of growth.  Learn how your life will become more blessed when you move into Divine Action.  Jason's passion is connecting people with their Divine potential.  As an Akashic Records reader, he has helped hundreds to reach within and recognize their true talents and purpose.  Jason guides you to your highest self for positive changes in your life.

3:00 - Hope Abeyta - Legends of the Shoshoni Tribe -  Come hear the stories and legends of the Shoshoni Tribe.  Hope is a direct descendant of Chief Washakie.

4:00 - Richell Kemper - Elemental/Mythical Healing Energies You Can Be Tapping Into -  You have a wealth of amazing energies you can tap into for healing and guidance.  Join us in this super fun session to talk about what these can be and how to tap into them.

5:00 - Waren and Donna Young - The Sound of Soul

SpeaKers & lecture Times

307-315-3610 - 123 W. FIRST ST.  SUITE 175A, CASPER, WYOMING 82601 USA

Sunday - September 23rd


11.00 -  Natasha Robertson - Psychic Development and A Day in the Life of a Psychic - 

12.00 - Joseph Evens -Are You a Channel?  Are You A Medium?  Are You A Psychic?  If so, are you using it properly?

1:00 - Janet Fitzstephens - Curious About Past Lives?

2.00 - Sherri Martz - Past Lives - Come learn about past lives and how they may be affecting your life today.

3:00 - Cheryl Goltl - The Eyes Have It -  Come learn how your eyes are more than the window to your soul.  They can tell you exactly what is going on in your body.

4:00 -