A-1 - Angie Farnum - Reader and Spiritual Guide - Answering questions about the past, present and future.

A-2 - Elizabeth Chambers - Readings by Elizabeth - I am here to help all people.  I read Tarot, do palm readings, Past Life Readings, Reiki and much more.  I welcome all with open arms and open heart.  I also help them continue on their life journey. Namaste. 

A-3- Katie Gray - Ms. Katie's Pathways - Intuitive, insightful, spirit-led, and spirit-filled.  Fun, lively, and interactive.  Let's figure it out together - The Best Is Yet To Come!

A-4 - Victoria Gonzales - Reader and Spiritual Consultant - Experience the accurate and healing messages channeled by Victoria.

A-5 - Natasha Robertson - Spiritual Wellbeing - Natasha is a talented Psychic Medium and is offering palm readings, oracle card readings and connections with the other side.  Check her out on Facebook.

A-6 - Janet Brooks - Reader/Medium - Offering a unique experience to be shared by all when you pick your own deck and enjoy readings concerning your life purpose, and messages from the other side - past, present, future - etc.

A-7 - Don Wall - Don's Walking Sticks - Come check out Don's hand crafted walking sticks.  They are simply amazing!

A-8 - Terry Kettle - Palm Reading by Terry - Come learn what your palm says about you and your life.

A-9 - Karla Valencia - Soul Purpose - Offering guidance through Tarot card readings.  Come find answers to your questions.

A-10 - Betty Clark - Life Elevated with Betty Clark - Betty has spent countless hours developing the gifts Spirit has assured her are the birthright of every human being.  Following Spirit's guidance, emotional and physical issues were healed; lower energies and wounds were forgiven/ transmuted through simple, yet profoundly powerful processes recommended by her mentor and guides.  It is with utmost gratitude that Betty shares this information with you.


A-11 - Babette Champlin - Have you wondered what your sign is? Or how does astrology affect your life?  Come visit with experienced astrologer, Babette and find out why things happen and how astrology affects everyone including you.

A-12 - Bobbie Jo Ozanne - Gypsy - Come get an honest, accurate reading from Gypsy.

A-13 - Connie Silvan - Young Living Essential Oils -  Come experience what the purest oils in the world really smell like.  I will also be doing an Aroma Reset Technique for daily balance to reset your New Year, using essential oils.

B-1 Joseph Evens - Mystic Lighthouse - The Lighthouse Keeper - Helping YOU heal the body, mind, and spirit through intuitive readings/consultations, energy work and more! 

B-2- Cathy Hazel Adams - Cathy Hazel Adams, Intuitive Quantum Multidimensional Energetic Transformation and Healing - Intuitive Quantum Multidimensional Energetic Transformation & Healing; Matrix Energetics Certified Practitioner.


B-3 - Kim Moore - Medium & Psychic Kim Moore / Home Sweet Home - Kim is both a Medium and Psychic from Denver, CO.   She will be offering House Blessing supplies with instructions and readings.  Her readings include communication with loved ones in spirit, as well as psychic readings.  


B-4 - Tessa Davis - Davis Arts LLC - Offering a variety of handcrafted items such as beaded jewelry, chainmaille jewelry and arts, clay figures, dream catchers, and more.

B-5 - Gaynol Wapotich - Psychic Medium - Gaynol communicates with crossed over loved ones, your Higher Self, and animals.  Gaynol delivers messages with compassion and healing energy with insight regarding finances, career, relationships, and Spiritual Paths.  


B-6 - Jodi Edwards - Zen Jewelry by Jodi - Come check out our quality, handmade jewelry that is made with attention to detail, using stones with strengthening and healing properties.

B-7 - Laura Johnson - Casper Reflexology and SPA - Offering Reiki, Reflexology, and MFR - Myofascial Release.  www.casperreflexology.com

B-8 & 9 - Sandi Rizzuto - Rizzuto Creations - Natural Stone Jewelry, Crystals, Mineral Specimens, and Sun Catchers.  Quality at reasonable prices.


B-10 - Alex Demaree - Wyoming Massage School - Come learn the art of massage right here in our home state of Wyoming at Casper's first massage school!  Check us out for more information!


B-11- Cody Fritz - Clever Craft Designs - Come check out our hand crafted pagan Altars and accessories.  Altar accessories include candle holders, tapestries and wall hangings as well as small bags to store pendulums, Also available will be Tarot cards, amulets and other magickal items.

B-12 - JL Flowers - Copper energy tools and Reiki Infused 3rd Eyes.  Come feel the healing energy Larry's copper devices generate.  While you're there, peruse the unique 3rd eyes and other items created by Jennifer.

B-13 - Judy Evans -  Offering orgonite, jewelry and much more.  Come check it out!

B-14 - Zahraa Aldahash - Sweet Zoey - Offering sweets and humus  www.sweetzoeyshop.com

B-15 - Joyce Zubia - Angelic Healing Monarch Creations - Come enjoy 20 minute Reiki sessions, readings, as well as counseling on oils and scrubs.

B-16 - Loren Terpening - ECKANKAR - Come learn more about this Spiritual Path.

B-17 - Irene Bergen - 307 Country Greens - Offering fresh grown locally micro-greens.

B-18 - Alicia Ponce - Alicia D. Ponce - Alicia is an Intuitive Reader and a Reiki Master Healer.  She loves using her gift to help people with any issues that they might be struggling with, including relationships, love, financial or career guidance.

B-19 - Lisa Winta - Talon Enterprises - Selling handcrafted wire-wrapped or beaded pendants, necklaces, and bracelets.  Raw rocks and crystals.  Hand crafted wearable fiber-arts and paintings.  Facebook/Talon Enterprises

B-20 - Nicole Nielsen - Earthly Treasures - Come see our fine selection of rocks, crystals, minerals, and jewelry.

B-21 - Michelle Adams - Akashic, Karmic Healings - Ready to change your life?  Release any unwanted emotions that are keeping you where you are at.  

B-22 - Nancy Appel - Appel Enterprises - Pain Wizard is a topical cream for relief of pain and reduces inflammation that causes pain.  Free samples before you make a purchase.  Relief is fast and simple - within 5 to 15 minutes.

B-23 - Tara Wilkening - Henna and Glitter Tattoos

B-24 - Carol Skylark - AURA Light-Body Activations, Portraits by Skylark - A Portrait of your Presence activated by your LIGHT.  This is a healing and a reading which includes the portrait and an audio tape.  Carol has been doing this, helping people empower for 40 years.  And it's FUN!


B-25 - Lori White Eagle - Purium - 

B-26- Lisa McDonald - Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Health, Beauty, and Essential Oils - Offering certified organic, ethically sourced health, beauty, and essential oil products.  www.us.nyrorganic.com/shop/lisa

C-1 - 2 - Rosemary the Celtic Lady - 

C-3 - Shaina Eberly - Mary Kay - 

C-4 - Chelsea Poplawski - Theraexpressions Meditation - Offering vibrational sound healing, Reiki, services and miscellaneous items for sale. www.theraexpressions.com

C-5 - Sherri Martz - Golden Light Reiki - Reiki Energy Healings, Past Life Readings, Fairy Wands, and Gemstone Trees.

C-6 - Michael Watts - Bio-Energy Therapy - Clear, charge, and repair chakras. Remove negative energies and disruptions in the auric bodies on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels.

C-7 - Donna Annis  - Joy of Life Unlimited - Peace Love and Reiki School of Spirituality - Reiki - Come enjoy Stress Relief Beyond Belief with a Reiki session.  Reiki relieves stress and pain and helps you to relax and release your worries and cares.  Reiki helps your body remember how to heal itself.  Also, ask about our classes.

www.joyoflifeunlimited.com or www.peaceloveandreiki.com

C-8 - Jen Goetz - Come experience Crystal Reflexology and feel the ahhhh!  Also offering Oracle Card readings.

C-9 & 10 - Chrissi Kuhn - A Place for Passion - Offering new age items, a variety of hemp products, and ladies feel good clothing.  Come see what all this local, eclectic boutique has to offer.

C-11 - Mia Foley - Wisdom Tree, LLC -  Come see our beautiful selection of Stones and Crystals for people and pets.  Experience the energy and love of these stones and people.


C-12 - Summer Ross - Wispy Realm - We carry a variety of handmade figures, fairy garden pieces, and journals.  Come see our fairies, gnomes, dragons, journals, and more!


C-13 - Natasha Robertson - Spiritual Wellbeing - We have so many amazing meditation and witchy aids to help you in your practices, along with products to help you create and maintain your best life possible.  Come see our wide selection of rice pillows, bath sachets, bath bombs, sages, meditation pillows, mala beads, hand stamped jewelry, crystal balls, room sprays and so much more!


C-14 & 15 & 27 - Cassie and Lori Puhrman  - Diamond in the Rough - Come peruse our dreamcatchers, paintings, essential oil blends, tarot cards, sage, crystal pendants, worry dolls, pendulums, skull crystals, Himalayan salt lamps and more!  fb.me/diamondintherough307

C-16 - Anne Solis - Carolla's Beeswax Skin Creme - come check out the great selection of beeswax based skin creme, lip balm, and candles.

C-17 - Heather Street - Heathers Wholistic Wellness - Heather is a naturopath and Authentic Touch Essential Oil Practitioner offering pre-digestive and endocrine assessments.  Come visit her at her booth and sign up for a special price treatment.  www.heathers-wholistic-wellness.webnode.com

C-18-19 - Mary Ann Budenski - Casper Face Painters - Have fun with the wide variety of face painting offered.  Peruse our painted rocks, ceramics and more.  Come join the fun!

C-20 - Dr. Nadine - Creating RESULTS Holistic Center - Soul Food and Animal Healing - Animal and human healing sessions - Restore safe, trust and I belong to your animals (and humans too), check their well being and helping them bond to their new home.   https://magnificencemine.com/contact/

C-21 - Kim Sluis Markey - Mountain Top Healing - Come enjoy Medicine Wheel Reiki and readings.  Also offering healing rattles, drums and smudge fans.  Check out the Medicine Wheel Buffalo Robes designed especially for you.

C-22 - Sue Masterson - Woodland Secrets - Come see the exquisite handcrafted Fairy Homes, handmade locally.


C-23 - Holly Chapman - Wild Wyoming Beauty - Come check out the all natural skin care products, including shampoo and conditioner, body butter, body wash, facial wash and bath salts.

C-24 - Angela Harmon - A Touch of Love by Angie - Offering handcrafted dreamcatchers, windchines, copper tree sculptures, gypsy bags, embelished brooms, scarves, and suncatchers.  She will also have one of a kind hand crafted jewelry, wire wrapped rings, and tree of life pendants.  

C-25 - Denise Winchell - The Booking Glass - Come see our unique jewelry and items made of paper, cement, glass, and books.

C-26 - Sue Achenbach - Offering magnetic jewelry for health, and also Bionic Jewelry which is imprinted with energy from the earth's frequency.

C-27 - Cassie and Lori Purhman - has 3 booths - C14-C15 and C27 all connected.  See above for what is offered.

C-28 and 29 - Lorie Eichert and Paula Harvey - Lorie Eichert Empowerment Studios / Tarot by Paula - Lorie is an Intuitive/Spiritual Healer - specializing in Past Life Readings.  She may also share messages from those beyond the veil, may assist with Inner Child Connections and mix in a little bit of Life Coaching when needed.  Paula will be answering questions with Love and Clarity with the use of cards, runes, pendulum and messages, all Divinely led.

C-30 - Daniella Hamilton - Mary Ann's Beans - Healthy Hand packaged Soups, Dips, and Seasonings.


C-31 - Candace Crouch - Thrive - 

C-32 - Peyton Osborne - Honey Lavendar Series - Offering natural aromatherapy, skincare and holistic / metaphysical remedies, art, magick candles, scrubs/soaks, herbal cleansing, spell boxes, essential oil blends, crystals, and more!  Come check us out!  https://honeylavenderseries.bigcartel.com

C-33 - Amy Eisaman - Wyo Hemp Hub - Offering CBD products

C-34 - Reno Longmoons - 

C-35 - Carolynn Hugley - Origami Owl by Carolynn - Come see the wide selection of sparklies - including lockets, charms, watches, chains, bracelets and more!


C-36 - Jodie Smith - The Ancient Sage - The Ancient Sage will offer a variety of tools to assist you on your spiritual journey.  Browz our wide selection of healing crystals, all natural incense, resins, and herbs, tarot and oracle cards, tapestries, jewelry and more!


D-1 -  Nicolette Medina - Twists of Fate - Handcrafted home decor, jewelry, geometric wall hangings, and pottery.  Come see our beautiful selection.

D-2 - Twila Christensen - Feather Tapping by Tai -  Offering Reiki, Feather Tapping and more!  Come feel the ahhh.

D-3 - Daddy's Concessions - Providing yummy breakfast and lunch, snacks and drinks.

E-1 - Judy Lekic - Aura Photos by Judy - Capture the image of your energy with an aura photo.  Then Judy, a gifted psychic, will personally interpret the colors in your photos.


E-2 - Hope Abeyta - The Inner Hope - Offering natural and holistic healing information and custom Native American Beadwork.  

Participating Vendors & booth #