A-1 - Angie Farnum - Reader and Spiritual Guide - Helping to guide you through decisions in your life.  Answering important questions.

A-2 - Elizabeth Chambers - Readings by Elizabeth - I am here to help all people.  I read Tarot, do palm readings, Past Life Readings, Reiki and much more.  I welcome all with open arms and open heart.  I also help them continue on their life journey. Namaste. 

A-3- Katie Gray - Ms. Katie's Pathways - Over 20 years of experience.  Readings are insightful, lively and  also interactive for clarity and counsel.

A-4 - Victoria Gonzales - Reader and Spiritual Consultant - Experience the accurate and healing messages channeled by Victoria.

A-5 - Natasha Robertson - Spiritual Wellbeing - Natasha is a talented Psychic Medium and is offering palm readings, oracle card readings and connections with the other side.  Check her out on Facebook.

A-8 - Amy Eisman - Wyoming Hemp Hub -  Offering Industrial Hemp CBD products, handcrafted pain relief creams, oils, and other products.


A-13 - Bobbie Jo Ozanne - Gypsy - 

B-10-11 - JL Flowers - Copper energy tools and a copper walking garden.  Come feel the healing energy Larry's copper devices generate.

B-14 - Jeanna Anderson - Young Living Essential Oils - World leader in Essential Oils and oil-infused products for your Wellness Lifestyle.

B-20 - Nicole Nielsen - Earthly Treasures - Come see our fine selection of rocks, crystals, minerals, and jewelry.

B-23 - Tara Wilkening - Henna and Glitter Tattoos

B-25 - Carol Skylark - AURA Light-Body Activations, Portraits by Skylark - A Portrait of your Presence activated by your LIGHT.  This is a healing and a reading which includes the portrait and an audio tape.  Carol has been doing this, helping people empower for 40 years.  And it's FUN!


B26- Lisa McDonald - Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Health, Beauty, and Essential Oils - Come try our highest quality, ethical health and beauty products made with Essential Oils.  We are offering facial, bath, beauty, men's, baby, home, and personal fragrance products and essential oils.

C-1 - Rosemary the Celtic Lady -  Rosemary The Celtic Lady™ Is Founder of the American, Canadian & UK Associations of Psychics & Healers. Which are now all a part of Global Psychics & Healers. She is a world renowned Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive, Minister, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Teacher and Author of 2 books. She is also an Ambassador for Peace for the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and was an honored guest at an International United Nations Conference in May of 2005, Cairo Egypt) Rosemary has been communicating with beings from other dimensions since she was a child. May 19th this year she asked them for photographic proof of what they look like. These beings decided she was worthy of this honor and asked her to share with others so that they may know what they look like when they appear before the masses.

C-2 - Cheri Goltl - GG Tea and Iridology - Offering original recipe herbal tea blends and Iridology Readings with a computer printout of recommendations and findings.

C-5 - Sherri Martz - Golden Light Reiki - Reiki Energy Healings, Past Life Readings, Fairy Wands, and Gemstone Trees.

C-6 - Michael Watts - Bio-Energy Therapy - Clear, charge, repair chakras and aura bodies on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level.

C-7 - Donna Annis  - Joy of Life Unlimited - Peace Love and Reiki School of Spirituality - Reiki - Come enjoy Stress Relief Beyond Belief with a Reiki session.  Reiki relieves stress and pain and helps you to relax and release your worries and cares.  Reiki helps your body remember how to heal itself.  Also, ask about our classes.

www.joyoflifeunlimited.com or www.peaceloveandreiki.com

C-8 - Jen Goetz - Come get a soothing foot or hand massage and feel the ahhhh!  Also offering Scentsy products.

C-9&10 - Chrissi Kuhn - A Place for Passion - Offering hemp lotions and body products, as well as "Feel Good"  Ladies Clothing.  

C-11 - Mia Foley - Wisdom Tree, LLC -  Come see our beautiful selection of Stones and Crystals for people and pets.  Experience the energy and love of these stones and people.


C-15 - Cassie Puhrman - Diamond in the Rough - Offering tarot card readings, dream catchers, tie-dye, and scented wax.

C-16 - Joseph Michael Evens - The Lighthouse Keeper - Helping YOU heal the body, mind, and spirit through intuitive readings/consultations, energy work and more! 

C-18-19 - Mary Ann Budenski - Casper Face Painters - Have fun with the wide variety of face painting offered.  Peruse our painted rocks, ceramics and more.  Come join the fun!

C-20 - Dr. Nadine - Creating RESULTS Holistic Center - Soul Food - Raise self-esteem and empower yourself with Dr. Nadine's Sould Food card deck, Nourishing Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.  Experience profound shifts with a private HEALING.  Created Just for Your Meditation.  (MP3 Meditation Albums also available.)

C-21 - Kim Sluis - Mountain Top Healing - Come enjoy Medicine Wheel Reiki and readings.  Also offering healing rattles, drums, and smudge fans.  Check out the Medicine Wheel buffalo robes.

C-25 - Linda Hernandez - L&M Baked Goods - Offering a variety of flavors of fudge, as well as cookies and assorted, yummy baked goods.

C-26 - Sue Achenbach - Offering magnetic jewelry for health, and also Bionic Jewelry which is imprinted with energy from the earth's frequency.

C-30 - Daniella Hamilton - Mary Ann's Beans - Hand packaged Soups, Dips, and Seasonings.


D-1 - Alpenglow / Joe the Knife Guy - Come see the impressive selection of knives.

D-2 - Mary Walter - Alternative Healing Solutions -  Offering BB Botanicals herbal products, Reiki, Feather Tapping and more!

D-3 - Daddy's Concessions - Providing yummy breakfast and lunch.

E-1 - Judy Lekic - Aura Photos by Judy - Capture the image of your energy with an aura photo.  Then Judy, a gifted psychic, will personally interpret the colors in your photos.


Participating Vendors & booth #