Live in Person Classes

Reiki 1 and 2 are taught together in one intensive weekend.

Reiki 3 

Reiki 4.

Reiki 3 and 4

Evening Classes

Meditation Made Easy - July 
Balancing Your Chakras

Tap Your Way to Happiness

Procrastination Free For Me

Welcoming Your Abundance

Stop Smoking

Make Your Own Healing Salves

Candlemaking with Soy Wax

1 Day Classes

Find Your Inner Peace

Manifest Your Life

It's Good to Be You

The Writer Within

2 Day Classes

It's Time to Love Yourself

Lose Weight

Heal Yourself

4 weeks - 1 night per week

It's Time to Love Yourself 

Tapping Your Way to Happiness

Heal Yourself

Tap Your Way Thin

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