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​​​What Is Offered

​​Peace Love and Reiki offers relaxed and confidential sessions, each tailored to the needs of the individual.  For those who cannot come to Casper for sessions, distance Reiki is available. 

Reiki classes for all levels - 1- Master are offered both in a group setting or on an individual basis are offered.  Reasonable prices and flexible class schedules are an essential part of our program.  We believe anyone can bring healing into their own lives if they have the desire and willingness to learn and are open to helping others as well as themselves.

EFT offers an additional and valuable tool to help you learn to release the negative emotion which is causing your grief, anger, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and so much more.  EFT releases these negative emotional blocks so you can improve your self image, gain prosperity, defeat Writer's Block, improve your sports and academic performance, and achieve your dreams and goals.

In Past Life Regression sessions, you are guided as an "Observer" into your past life that you choose.  You, as an observer, will observe different times in your life and will remember what you need when you come back to the present.  I help guide you down your path, help you stay in observer mode so it's like watching a movie so you don't have to experience the emotions of the time.  I can help provide clarification, but your journey and experience are for you to find and observe.

Check out our Services page to see a complete list of services, classes and workshops.  Keep checking back as we are always adding something new.


Donna Annis has been interested in the metaphysical and healing arts since she was a child. 

 She studied and practiced Reiki since 1996, becoming a Reiki Master in 1999.  Helping others has always been a priority and passion in her life. She believes there should be a "healer" in every home. 

Donna became an ordained minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry in 1999 and continued on to earn her doctorate in Metaphysical / Spiritual Counseling.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique was a natural addition to her practice in 2007.  This simple technique helps her provide her clients with an effective tool to release negative emotions which cause dis-ease in all levels of their lives.

Donna completed the Advanced Certificate of Completion of EFT in 2008 and now serves as a Personal Performance Coach, helping her clients achieve their dreams and goals.

Donna graduated from the American School of Hypnosis in 2013.  She is a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and Past Life Regression Practitioner.

Life Coaching, utilizing a spiritual, yet scientific approach was added to the services Donna offers.  During sessions, Donna helps you learn to identify negative emotions and blockages that have kept you for attaining your dream life.  Know that it can be a reality. Once negative blocks and emotions are identified, then she will teach you how to use tools such as EFT and others to break through the blocks and then achieve the goals and your dream life.