Hypnosis offers a great way to achieve goals such as weight loss, stop smoking, and performance improvement.  It also helps with insomnia, self esteem, procrastination and so much more.  

With this gentle healing modality, you are always totally in control.  It enables you to get past your protective conscious mind to your subconscious mine where changes can be made.

Spiritual Mentor

Do you have questions?  Do you want to know how to work with energy and receive guidance from your angels and guides who are always there with you?  Do you receive your guidance but then decide it is your imagination?

Donna has been a Reiki Master for over 20 years and has worked with the metaphysical world most of her life.  She offers guidance that comes from messages she receives for each person she works with.

Sessions will help you learn to "hear" your messages and realize it is real.  Meet your guides and angels, and learn how to work with them.  Learn how to create your reality the way you want it be.

Donna does not do psychic readings, but instead helps you learn to hear and work with your guides and messages on your own.  

​Casper Holistic Expo

Casper Holisic Expo - Donna plans and hosts the Casper Holistic Expo twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.  The expo brings in many talented people who are happy to share their gifts of readings, aura photography, energy work, food, jewelry, clothing, and so much more, from not only Wyoming, but many surrounding states.  Come experience the fun and energy and people at the expo!  You'll be glad you did!

Welcome to the NEW You!


Helping Your Body Remember How to Heal Itself

Reiki is a vibrational energy technique used for improving health by balancing our body's system. It is a holistic therapy which harmonizes body, mind and spirit and accelerates the body's natural ability to heal physical and emotional ailments. 

Human touch conveys warmth, serenity, and healing as well as caring and love. When you hurt yourself, your first response is to put your hand over the wounded area. This is the basis of all forms of hands on healing.

Regular Reiki sessions are available, and now I am offering Reiki Plus sessions, which include the regular Reiki energy session plus guidance from your guides and angels, chakra balancing and more.  Each session will be unique with whatever guide or angel has a message for you.

Reiki classes from Level 1 through Level 4 Master Reiki are available. 

As interest in Reiki and alternative medicine grows in the United States and in Wyoming,  Donna Annis, owner of Joy of Life Unlimited / Peace Love and Reiki, decided there was a need for a place where people can come to receive Reiki in a relaxed, soothing and confidential environment. From this, Peace Love and Reiki / Joy of Life Unlimited was born.  Come experience the soothing, relaxing, pain relieving benefits of Reiki, your one hour vacation from the every day stress and strain.


You DO deserve a break today!

Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT / Tapping

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple technique used to correct imbalances in a person's body. This is accomplished by tapping on distinct points on the body while repeating specific phrases aimed at releasing negative emotions.

For many, EFT is the Declaration of Independence. This means freedom from negative emotions, freedom that allows you to blossom and rise above the hurdles that have kept you from performing to your fullest potential.

By using EFT to stop your negative self talk, beliefs and emotions, you can achieve freedom from self doubt, grief, anger, PTSD, phobias and fears, panic attacks, addictive cravings and much more even if you have suffered for years.

Results can be seen in a relatively short span of time - often after one session.

      Upcoming Class Schedule


Classes are on hold for awhile.  It is important that if I am to help others, I need to take time for myself to grieve and get myself and my energy balanced again.

Please have patience.

Reiki 1 and 2 Class


January 19-20 - 9-5 
- Reiki 1 and 2 Class - Come learn how to work with the healing Reiki energy.  Classes cover how to give Reiki to yourself and to others.  
Saturday - Reiki 1 - Learn the history, what it is and isn't, why it works and basic hand positions.  You will work on an actual person in the afternoon.
Sunday - Reiki 2 - You will learn to draw and use the first 3 Reiki symbols.  Adding these 3 symbols to your sessions will increase the energy of the session substantially, making it even more effective.  You will work on an actual person in the afternoon.

Sessions - Classes - Workshops and Products

The Joy of Life Unlimited / Peace Love and Reiki School of Spirituality offers a wide variety of courses.  

Reiki classes are done in live, in person classes only.  

Reiki 1 and 2 are taught together in one intensive weekend.

Reiki 3

Reiki 4.

Live in Person Classes

Evening Classes

Meditation Made Easy

Balancing Your Chakras

Tap Your Way to Happiness

Procrastination Free For Me

Welcoming Your Abundance

Stop Smoking

Make Your Own Healing Salves
Candlemaking with Soy Wax

Introduction to Numerology

Introduction to Reflexology

Hearing Your Guidance

Oracle Cards 101

How to do Automatic Writing

Using a Pendulum and Divining Rods 101

Working with Energy

What's In Your Stars?  Intro to Astrology

1 Day Classes

Find Your Inner Peace

Manifest Your Life

It's Good to Be You

The Writer Within

How Your Chakras Affect Your Prosperity

2 Day Classes

It's Time to Love Yourself

Lose Weight

Heal Yourself

4 weeks - 1 night per week

It's Time to Love Yourself 

Tapping Your Way to Happiness
Heal Yourself

And more!  Thank you for your patience while  I video record the classes so you can study at your own time and pace.