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Peace Love and Reiki

Welcome to Joy of Life Unlimited  / Peace Love and Reiki.  Our purpose is to offer different modalities to help you learn to relax and release the stress in your life.

Today's society is becoming more aware and interested in safe, natural alternatives.  We felt it was time for us to offer a variety of stress relieving activities such as Hypnosis, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT or tapping.

Our goal is to provide this valuable service and to offer sessions and classes to share the knowledge with those wishing to learn how to help their bodies remember how to heal and achieve good health.

 What We Do

Joy of Life Unlimited was born when Donna  decided to expand Peace Love and Reiki to include other healing modalites.

Reiki is a vibrational energy technique used for improving health by balancing our body's system. It is a holistic therapy which harmonizes body, mind and spirit and accelerates the body's natural ability to heal physical and emotional ailments. 

Human touch conveys warmth, serenity, and healing as well as caring and love. When you hurt yourself, your first response is to put your hand over the wounded area. When a child hurts themself, the mother's first response is to hug them and cover the hurt with their hand, and of course kiss the tears away. This is the basis of all forms of hands on healing.

Reiki classes from Level 1 through Level 4 Master Reiki are available. 

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a simple technique used to correct imbalances in a person's body. This is accomplished by tapping on distinct points on the body while repeating specific phrases aimed at releasing negative emotions.

For many, EFT is the Declaration of Independence. This means freedom from negative emotions, freedom that allows you to blossom and rise above the hurdles that have kept you from performing to your fullest potential.

By using EFT to stop your negative self talk, beliefs and emotions, you can achieve freedom from self doubt, grief, anger, PTSD, phobias and fears, panic attacks, addictive cravings and much more even if you have suffered for years.

Results can be seen in a relatively short span of time - often after one session.

Hypnosis offers a great way to achieve goals such as weight loss, stop smoking, and performance improvement.  It also helps with insomnia, self esteem, procrastination and so much more.

Past Life Regression helps you learn what happened in past lives and how it is affecting your life now.  Finding and releasing patterns that are holding you back can help you release the pattern now.  My past life regressions are a little different than others you may have received.  I will help you walk through the time you are attracted to, however,  you will receive your information.  I will help fill in spots if needed, but will not give you a full reading of what occurred during your journey.  This is for you to discover in your own way.

Casper Holisic Expo - Donna plans and hosts the Casper Holistic Expo twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.  The expo brings in many talented people who are happy to share their gifts of readings, aura photography, energy work, food, jewelry, clothing, and so much more, from not only Wyoming, but many surrounding states.  Come experience the fun and energy and people at the expo!  You'll be glad you did!

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We look forward to meeting you.  

Office hours are 3 pm to 7 pm Monday through Thursday.  Most classes are held on Saturday and Sunday.

Please call 307-315-3610 for more information or to schedule a session or class.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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